19 IMPORTANT TIPS one day before the Exam

The day before the exam .....

1) Review the notes without reading the full story.

2) Do not read anything new.

3) Observe the signs of words, figures, maps, tables.

4) Take a complete sleep.

5) Start studying in the calm and energetic atmosphere from morning to morning.

6) Collect the necessary material for the test. Keep all materials in one place.

7) Keep clothing and ironing for ironing and shoes.
While leaving the exam ....

8) Take all necessary materials along with the necessary materials. Identity card, welcome ticket, at least three pence-pencils, sharpener, scale bar, logarithm, compass box, trunk rubber, writing pad, drinking water bottle, napkin, clock,
Put enough money in case you need it.

9) Take a light and simple diet. Keep aside a little bit of hunger (food, vegetables, rice and rice) without eating it.

10) Think of traffic in traffic, traffic jam, and in the right time.

11) If you are traveling by cycling, use a napkin / cap. If you are going to bake a motorcycle, then insert helmet.

12) Arrive at the examination center at least one hour before the exam.
In the examination hall

13) Keep in mind that the whole period of the question paper is in the mind of the teacher.

14) Keep your mind steady. Believe that you can write as much as you have studied.

15) Do not worry about what happened next, do not worry about what will happen next. Do not try to remember any of the questions.
Examining .....

16) * Do not be too quick if there are too many simple questions. So the mistakes are made.
Remember this. *

17) Do not panic if you have a difficult question. If you find it difficult, then it is difficult for others too. In whatever way it is facing the problem, and trying to write the answers, it earns more points. Does it.

18) I will try my best even if there is any question. And do the same with confidence that I will write a paper for the end.

19) Do not copy it accidentally, do not do it even when someone insists. When other students capsize, you feel that they will go ahead; But such a child's base is unstructured and they fall behind in the future. That is why you will go ahead with honest efforts.


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